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What is Multimedia Engineering? 3 universities where you can study it

What is Multimedia Engineering? 3 universities where you can study it 1

Multimedia Engineering objectives:

The Multimedia Engineering title, is a mix between traditional engineering and modern day engineering. The general aim of this grade, is to teach its students to be able to  manage the new multimedia proyects, such as  proyects from the digital entretaining segment or proyects from the content management segment. 

The Multimedia Engineer is a professional whit solid knowledge in design and use of support technologies.


Multimedia Engineering in the University of Alicante

In the University of Alicante this grade is based in the PBL (proyect-based learning). This type of learning gives to the students skills that make them able to create digital systems for multimedia information management.

The last grade year in the University of Alicante, is divided in 2 itineraries, “Content Management” and “Digital Entertainment Creation”, both based in the PBL  methodology.

The main objective of the Content Management itinerary is to train engineers in the sector of knowledge and information management in their breadth of departments and meeting the specific requirements of each particular case.

The Digital Creation and Entertainment itinerary aims to train engineers in the digital leisure sector. This sector revolves around the production of video games and all their derivations and digital entertainment.

In which universities can you study Multimedia Engineering?

    Among others, this degree can be studied in the following universities in Spain:



What job opportunities does Multimedia Engineering have?

Taking into account that this may vary by location, several examples of professional fields, functions and activities that a graduate in Multimedia Engineering can perform are:

Professional outings:

The multimedia engineer will be able to work in different sectors depending in large part on the itinerary he takes in the last course if we talk about the University of Alicante where he is currently studying the FLINGER group.

In the University of Alicante there are two clearly differentiated sectors:

Digital leisure sector.
Production and dissemination sector of enriched digital content.

Professions for which Multimedia Engineer trains, Multimedia Programming, Multimedia Network Designer, Man-Machine Interface Designer, Internet / Audio / Video Technician, Web Content Strategist, Video Game Designer, Effects Technician.

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