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What is the PBL of Multimedia Engineering?

PBL stands for project-based learning. It is a learning methodology so that students can have a direct contact with the given subject.

This method is based on learning and research by students. As a general rule, teachers explain part of the subject and then propose to students to apply these contents. This avoids mostly written controls and evaluates it with those applications.

As a rule and for this methodology to work, it is recommended that working groups range from five to eight members.

Origins of PBL.

We find that the origin of Project-Based Learning takes us to the mid-19th and early 20th centuries.

Another definition for what PBL is for

We could define this method as creating complex learning situations, where the student solves the task by developing a product.

This method takes shape thanks to the implications it has: roles, content, space or motivation.

What is the PBL of Multimedia Engineering? 1

What does an PBL think?

At the University of Alicante, for example, there are quite complex situations, where students must look for and solve the problem.

Does this methodology work?

Well, a revealing data is found in one of the schools in the United States that introduced this methodology and improved between 20 and 85% in just two years.

What is the PBL of Multimedia Engineering? 2

What is our role on the PBL?

In Flinger we are studying the PBL of the University of Alicante, the last year of Multimedia Engineering is proposed this model of learning.

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